How To Store Your E-Liquid Safely?

How To Store Your E-Liquid Safely?

E-liquids are an essential part of vaping and they are available in huge varieties. Mostly, people purchase a bunch of cartridges at a time but it is essential to store them properly to keep them usable for a long time. You can not only buy vape juice from this online vape store but also get the tips to store them safely.

Here some effective tips that will help you to store your e-liquids perfectly for long term use.

Keep it away for heat – it is highly recommended to keep e-juices away from heat. If you want to use your e-liquid for a long time then you should store it in a dark place in your house. You should also protect e- liquids from UV rays. If the vaping juice gets exposed to the sun for a long time, the heat can trigger the chemical reaction affecting the taste and components of the liquid. As a result, your e-liquid will not produce vapor and reach a high temperature as soon as possible. Due to high temperature chemicals react with each other which can also affect your health.

Keep it away from light and air – Air and light can oxidize the nicotine in your e-liquid making it harmful for your health and if you intake it, the body will start to produce cotinine. There are some flavors like chocolate, coffee, and tobacco that change in color if stored in light and air. So, if you want to enjoy dense vapor production with good taste of e- liquids then you should keep it away from air and light.  For protecting it from the air you should store it in a tight container at a dark place.

Store it in the refrigerator – one of the best places to store the e-liquid in the refrigerator. Refrigerator stops the bacterial activity in your e-juices and you get to enjoy the real taste when you vape it. The refrigerator maintains the temperature of the liquid thus minimizing the chances of any kind of reaction.

Don’t leave it in your vehicle – you should not leave it in your vehicle because there is a huge difference in the outside and inside temperature of the vehicle.  If you leave your e-liquid bottle in your vehicle then change in temperature can turn your bottle in smudge instead of syrup liquid. So, when getting out of the vehicle, make sure to carry your e-liquid bottle with you.

Plastic or glass container – e-liquids come in plastic or glass container. Both the kinds of containers are good for storing e- juices in your house but it suggested to go for only dark bottles. If you are planning of storing the e-liquids for short time then the plastic container is the best option. But, if you are planning for storing it for a long time then you should always choose glass container because it keeps your e- juice safe from heat and air.

Apart from these tips, make sure to check the expiry date of the e-juice before using it to ensure good health.

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